L-Wacko Stands for Lose Weight and Keep it Off.  If you are trying to L-Wacko AND you have started or joined an L-Wacko Challenge where you have set a weight-loss or weight-maintenance objective, i.e., determine a weight you want to achieve or maintain, and set a date by which you intend to weigh-in at your desired (or “target”) weight, then you are an L-Wacko.

An L-Wacko comes in all shapes and sizes. And, as an L-Wacko, you may be trying to achieve your weight-loss objective on your own or as part of a group. Many of my blog posts consist of commentary on the L-Wacko Challenge that my friend, Scott, and I started on January 1, 2010.  You can read about our trials and tribulations in my eBook.  Over the years a number of our friends have joined our Challenge (and quit and joined again and quit again), but there is a core group of about eight of us who have achieved and maintained our target weights since becoming L-Wackos and joining the Challenge. My hope is that reading my blog posts will help you become a lifelong L-Wacko and reap the rewards of achieving and maintaining your optimum (or at least close to optimum) weight.