The Book

The Will to Lose, How to Apply Your Willpower to Lose Weight & Keep it Off, does not tell you what to eat, what not to eat, when to exercise, or what kind of excercises to do.  Nope. There are plenty of “gurus” who will give you that advice. Instead, The Will to Lose explains what may be going on in your subconscious that makes it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Once you understand why you may be having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, this understanding may help you apply your willpower to achieve your weight-loss and weight maintenance objective.  Many weight-loss experts claim it does not take willpower to lose weight:  “All you have to do is change your lifestyle,” they say. But changing your lifestyle requires willpower. And once you have succeeded in changing your lifestyle, making sure you don’t develop bad eating and non-exercise habits again may also require willpower. The Will to Lose explains WHY it takes willpower to lose weight or change your lifestyle in order to lose weight, HOW to minimize the amount of willpower it takes, and WHEN you most need to exercise your willpower to achieve your weight-loss or weight maintenance objective.

So please, read The Will to Lose, become an L-Wacko, take the Challenge, read my blog, and live long and fat-free (or at least fat-less).