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Long-term versus Short-term Willpower

Happy New Year! It’s five days into the new year – have you stuck with your resolution? I have, because I resolved not to re-start my weight-loss regimen until February 1st 🙂 Actually, I’m starting to get a little tired of … Continue reading

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Commitment and the Lack Thereof

Commitment and the Lack Thereof This past March, after hitting my adjusted target weight of 165, I told Scott and Eric that I was going to try to make 163 by the end of April, but I didn’t set a … Continue reading

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Scott + Willpower = Weight Loss

As he was tipping the scales at 180, Scotty wasn’t too happy a few weeks ago when I reminded him that he had committed to hit 167 between March 24-31. Historically, Scott has been a twice-a-year kind of Wacko, hitting … Continue reading

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Are you ready to lose weight?

Introduction to The Will to Lose weight loss theory. First post. Everyone has willpower. The trick is to apply it to losing weight. Continue reading

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