Scott + Willpower = Weight Loss


As he was tipping the scales at 180, Scotty wasn’t too happy a few weeks ago when I reminded him that he had committed to hit 167 between March 24-31. Historically, Scott has been a twice-a-year kind of Wacko, hitting his target weight on July 4 and Dec. 24 (and hitting it EVERY time for the past three years).


And so, the crying began.


“What’s your target?” Scott asked.


“163,” I replied.


“Want an extra pound?” he asked.


“Why? Do you?”


“If YOU do.”


Okay, “I’ll do it for YOU,” I said (though I was thinking to myself, “It’s not worth it. Elyse will give me too much crap if I don’t hit my original target weight.”) But I knew Scott needed the psychological boost. And when, a week later, he asked if I wanted another pound (which he clearly wanted for himself as well), I took it, thinking he must really need it badly, and he went up to 169.


But I was “Wrong again, Buffalo Wings breath!” The porker de-porked all the way to his original 167 target, by combining a week of quasi-fasting with mucho miles.  Actually, it’s very fitting, considering he’s heading out to Iowa for the NCAA Div. I National Wrestling Championships, for which he, himself, had to cut weight a couple of times many butt drags ago (Google it).




The newest addition to the L-Wacko Challenge, Eric, with only 4 pounds to lose to hit his March target weight of 175, though waiting until the last minute to do so, didn’t have a problem achieving his objective. All it took was a slight reduction in calorie consumption and a daily work-out. Nice job, Eric! Next stop, 169 on July 4.


Meanwhile, I’ve been too scared to check my weight over the last few days, knowing I have miles to go before I rest (I’m not getting on the scale until I go from three holes to four on my belt).  Come March 30, I know I’m going to wish I could take those extra two pounds (but I’ll be cowed by Elyse’s voice in my head, “You committed to 163, so that’s that!”).


Back on Dec. 24, I hit my 165 target and didn’t look back until about a week ago. And what a couple of heavenly months they were. I genuflect to my favorite breakfast — a rotund bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream with whipped cream (hold the cherry — I’m on a diet). But on March 13, with 18 days to go, I got L-Wacko religion and clocked the first of what has been, and will continue to be, quite a few 1,000/calorie days until I hit 163.  Getting that first 1,000/calorie day under my belt was big, but the 2nd consecutive day is magical. That’s when I actually start enjoying losing weight more than feasting on B & J’s.  It’s true. Not only do I start feeling good about myself for exerting the discipline to say NO to the myriad temptations bombarding my senses throughout the day, but I also feel more energetic, mentally sharper, and can anticipate the quasi-euphoric feeling of success I will enjoy on my target date. I honestly believe that conditioning my mind to replace the joy of eating with the joy of losing weight is, and will continue to be, the key to my ability to “Keep it Off.”


Meanwhile, up north, Donna, last I heard, had dropped 8 pounds by downing a week’s worth of some super-healthy smoothies (and only said smoothies), which put her just one pound away from her target. But once the smoothies stopped flowing did Donna drop that last pound? Stay tuned…


Also, I hope Sharon, who had 8 pounds to lose last time I checked, is on track to reach her objective.


I haven’t heard from our rookies, Wendi or Jean, and hope they are still Livin la Vida L-Wacko.


Anyone else care to share their data?


Willna Out

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4 Responses to Scott + Willpower = Weight Loss

  1. Queen L-Wacko says:

    Do I really come from the same blood as my brother … he is off the charts.I have come to the conclusion that Scott has a mentor. My guess, Henri “Papillon” Charrière the protrayed character from his favorite movie Papillon with Steve MxQueen and Dustin Hoffman.

    Mike, I can not phathom that you committed to 163. I am somewhat flattered that you included my name in your decision process, yet I take no credit … you are just as wacked out as your fearless leader.

  2. Mike Willner says:

    Yes, you guys have the same Super Willpower Blood coursing through your veins. Scott applies his willpower most of the year to make sure he doesn’t get way, way over his “optimum” weight (which has inched up a bit since he started the L-Wacko Challenge), and then he puts the pedal to the metal 2-3 times a year, starting about 2-3 weeks before he must make his target weight by his target date, and drops the requisite poundage to achieve his objective (which he’s done every time for the past 3 years). You, on the other hand, apply your willpower pretty evenly all year round. I don’t think you’ve ever been more than 5 pounds over your target weight and even when you were, it’s not like you stayed 5 pounds over for several months until you had to hit your target. You pretty much stay around your target (often even under your target) throughout the year. Sometimes I wonder if you are human, or a cyborg. Either way, you and Scott know what it takes to apply your willpower to lose weight and keep it off, each in your own way. I’m glad you’re in my head when I have to apply my willpower to hit my target.

  3. Richardst Kaufman says:

    Scott and I see the difference when we make weight, no greater feeling or sense of accomplishment, however without July 4, we both wouldn’t make it. So with that in mind I will make my weight of 190 or less. Thanks for the pressure

  4. Mike Willner says:

    Yay Richard! You are a SERIOUS L-Wacko. I’m pretty sure you’ve hit your target weight EVERY time for the past 3 years or so. You’ve agreed to don a dress and loser sign if you don’t make it, right? FYI, I especially like the “or less” part. Good luck!

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