I’ll Start My Diet Tomorrow

Hey folks,

How’s it hangin’? My belly is hanging a little less than it was a month ago, about 10 pounds less, but I still have about 9.5 lbs to go to hit my target weight, which I have hit every July 4th for the past 7 years thanks to the annual LWACKO (Lose Weight and Keep It Off) Contest, and not too many days left to get there… YIKES!

I figure I have to lose an average of about 1/2 pound a day to make weight by the Fourth. Piece o’ cake (a very small piece). I was within 7.5 lbs. of my target weight about a week ago, but celebrated a bit too much for a bit too long…. it’s definitely time to get serious. Actually it’s past that time, but apparently I’m a last minute guy when it comes to making my annual weight. I’d say for at least the last three weigh-ins I’ve had to lose about the same amount, 10 pounds, in the same amount of time, 3 weeks.

You may not believe this, but I actually enjoy it (once I get the first 500-calorie day under my belt) and there are a number of studies that conclude that semi-fasting once in awhile is healthy (as you may have surmised, I’m pretty good at rationalizing my last-minute weight-loss “strategy” or lack thereof). Nevertheless, when I semi-fast, I DO feel mentally sharper (some would say that’s not very difficult considering my starting point) and I have more energy.

It’s funny how I have convinced myself that it is important to keep my weight down, but I can’t muster the willpower I need to hit my target weight without the annual LWACKO July 4th deadline. The real benefit of the LWACKO Contest (at least for me) is that having an annual goal keeps me from getting too fat during the year, i.e., the contest forces me to stay within striking distance of my target weight, which keeps me from becoming obese.

Without the LWACKO Contest I would just keep telling myself (as I do many, many times during the year), “I know I shouldn’t eat [fill in the blank], but I’ll be good tomorrow.” And then when tomorrow comes, I say the same thing. Fortunately, the LWACKO Contest forces me to confront my rationalizations and put my foot (actually my fork) down because the penalty of not making weight is unthinkable (Being a slave for a day, waiting on my friends hand and foot, cleaning the boat in preparation for a fishing trip, putting bait on everyone’s hooks, serving food and drink all day (but none for me), and then cleaning the boat when we get back to the dock.)

So, as Simon and Garfunkel sing in the Sound of Silence (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zLfCnGVeL4), “Hello fasting my old friend. I’ve come to starve with you again. Because a vision of the boat I’d be sweepin’, makes me see how much I’d be weepin’, if I fail to make my weight by the 4th of July… ohhhh my. I must put dowwwwwn…. the brownie.”

If you’re keeping your weight down, good job, if not, it’s time to apply your willpower.

Good luck and…


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